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Xtruder RAVEN

Xtruder RAVEN - Infrared driving light, work - or floodlight


Drivers Visibility Enhancement

Xtruder RAVEN is a compact digital illuminator with a wide-ranging infrared spectrum. The IR capacity include wavelengths in the range of 810 – 1650 nm, from NIR to SWIR. With a weight of only 600gr, Xtruder RAVEN has a unique weight to performance ratio. Xtruder RAVEN is probably the smallest, lightest and most ruggedized illuminator on the market complying with requirements for various land and maritime platforms. 


Xtruder RAVEN can be integrated as a part of an EO/IR module or delivered with an analogue control panel for seamless operation. The Xtruder RAVEN is easily integrated to existing platforms with RS422 or RS485 interface.


Xtruder RAVEN has multiple pre-fixed lens options which allows for focused or extended IR modes. It can be configured to beam angles all up to 80 degrees horizontal, 30 degrees vertical and can illuminate at 50 meters. Xtruder RAVEN is powered with 10-32 VDC and depending on power availability it has a nominal power consumption of 25-65 watts. 

Full datasheet dowload 

Product features

Fully digital illuminators.png
Lifetime maintenance.png
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Fully digital illuminator
Modular & upgradable
Single output
Instant Infraredn, including NIR or SWIR
Minimal lifetime maintenance
Low weight, low power 

consumption & thermal signatur
Fästpunkt 1

Compact infrared illuminator

Raven 4.png
The housing is made from high-grade corrosion resistant aluminium with a hard-anodized surface treatment, that ensures an extraordinary surface hardening against wear, tear, and corrosion. The Xtruder product portfolio meets the MIL-810H military standard for environmental testing, including exposure to pressure, temperature, salt water, sand and dust, shock, vibration and more.
Besides that, Xtruder military portfolio products meet the highest requirements for electromagnetic interference according to EMC EU directives and military standards, as well as IP68, for prolonged immersion in water.
Xtruder RAVEN is ITAR-free, and is not controlled by export regulations. 
Raven - driving light - Infrared 2.jpg

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