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Multispectral illumination

The Xtruder CROW MK2 is a non-lethal, multispectral illumination package, enhancing the capacities in weapon platforms and sensor systems to perform beyond their natural limits.

The Xtruder CROW MK2 is designed to be modular and scalable , designed for Kongsberg Protector RS4 RWS. The CROW can be fitted with various light sources within as well as outside the visible spectrum.

Example configuration: - High intensity white spot laser light- 890nm IR LED flood light - 860nm Class 3B IR laser light - 532m, Class 3B green laser dazzlerFor out of band requirements the CROW can be equipped with alternate light sources covering both 1064 and 1550nm spectrums.

The visible green laser dazzler provides an additional non-lethal effector for preventive actions and force escalation. For upgrade /midlife / tech-refresh upgrade programs the added CROW capacity will improve significantly on the existing sensor package without adding a substantial price tag to the total system cost.

CROW is suitable for

  • Remote Weapon Stations 
  • Crew Served Weapon Stations 
  • EOIR Sensor Package Illuminator 

Key data

  • Escalation of force upgrade
  • RS422/Ethernet
  • SWAP optimized
  • Laser/LED technology
  • Camera/sensor enhancement
  • Danish developed product and quality control
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White light, 1000 meters

Green Dazzler, 500 meters


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