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About Wiseled


Wiseled is an innovative and established player delivering high-performance illuminators suitable for any mission - whether on land, at sea, on mobile or on static platforms.
Since the founding of Wiseled in 2003, the company has evolved into an internationally recognized provider of LED and laser illuminators. We have achieved it by means of continuous research and development, engineering and manufacturing excellence, as well as a steadily growing range of products for the military, maritime and security markets. 
Our products are designed for a number of applications, including integration with optic and sensor modules, which enable operations in the most challenging environmental conditions. Our solutions enhance the operator’s ability to observe, detect and engage targets with increased accuracy and reduced collateral damage conditions.

Our story

Wiseled has provided LED technology to professional customers since 2003 - from submersible flashlights /dive lights all the way to world-leading long-range searchlights and weapon lights deployed by governments all over the world. 
Wiseled works hard to ensure our position as the chosen partner for LED and laser illumination solutions for Defense and professional customers 
Our Xtruder platform covers a wide range of applications and is designed for the toughest requirements available. For more information about the product platform, do not hesitate to contact us.

Continuous Innovation 
We innovate continuously and improve our product portfolio to deliver the best available technology in our field. 


Operating in a fast-changing environment, it is our aim to adapt to new market requirements and standards. We therefore take an agile approach to development projects.
Our clients are at the core of our daily operations. We listen and collaborate to be ahead of the market. We do this by offering custom-designed solutions that successfully fulfill our clients’ needs and requirements.
The Wiseled team consists of dedicated and conscientious professionals, who work to deliver the best solutions to leading industry players.  
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