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IR /SWIR Illuminator

The RAVEN InfraRed vision enhancement illuminator provides a perfectly shaped light enabling daylight speed in the darkest of hours. The RAVEN illuminates a uniquely squared light image that is optimal for various covert operations, like driving with NVG (Night Vision Goggles).

It is perfectly suited to support an IR vision enhancement camera system or to be used to illuminate areas for high performance sensor systems like pan-tilt units or for helicopter operations. The Xtruder RAVEN is made to increase the operational capabilities for a multitude of nighttime operations while maintaining a very low detectability

Optimised field of view

The RAVEN’s tailored light beam is shaped deliberately to match an infrared driving enhancement camera system illuminating only the camera field of view and thereby reducing the risk of spill light that ultimately can lead to detection.  The light beam is shaped to reduce the direct ground reflection and thereby enhancing the driver's depth perception enabling a more stealthy and secure navigation. 
RAVEN transparent.png
Xtruder RAVEN 3 Military illuminators Infrared LED Laser.jpg

Key data

  • Solid state LED technology

  • Modular & upgradable

  • MILSTD Certified

  • Various wavelengths available

  • Effortless life cycle management

  • Optimized for size, weight and power consumption (SWAP)

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