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Facts about Ravens

We now have a product called Xtruder Raven and that makes us

Ravens can mimic human voices - "Ravens are often even better at it than parrots! These intelligent birds can also mimic “manmade” sounds like a toilet flushing or a car starting."

Ravens gesture to communicate - "From holding up objects of interest (typically a male mating ritual to lure a female) to “pointing” at things with their beaks, ravens have been elevated to a level of communication that, until recently, was observed solely in humans and apes."

Ravens are great hunters - "Often hunting in groups, ravens have been known to trap and kill prey twice their size. They will also hide their food from other predators, even other ravens. In fact, they often “pretend” to hide food in a safe place while another raven is watching—only to move the food cache to another location when unobserved!" Ravens can live anywhere - "Found in North America, Europe, Africa, and Asia, ravens can live in diverse environments ranging from urban areas and forests to high deserts and tundra."

Ravens can have friends and enemies - "Ravens tend to prefer companionship with other ravens, particularly if they are relatives and of the opposite sex. But raven or human, don’t cheat them or they’ll remember—and probably won’t “work” with you again! In fact, ravens are known to hold grudges for up to one month after a sour experience!"

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