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Welcome, Katla!

We welcome Katla Ran Sturludottir - our new Project Manager!

Katla has roots in Iceland and a background in finance and business administration. She has for the past five years been managing two Masters Programs at Copenhagen Business School MBA.

What makes you excited about working at Wiseled? - I am thrilled to join Wiseled at this stage of growth and expansion with very exiting projects, both internal and external. Yet I have to meet everyone in person, the team is amazing, very dedicated and I cannot wait to experience the daily dynamic at Wiseled – post COVID-19 lockdown.

How is life in Denmark compared to living in Iceland? - Apart from the obvious weather advantage, Denmark hosts a greater diversity on many levels and I really enjoy that.

What do you do when you have a day off? - Although I have lived in Denmark for over a decade, I still love to go exploring and pretend to be a tourist on my weekends. Denmark definitely makes up for the lack of mountains with beautiful forests, wonderful beaches and rich culture and there is always something new to discover.

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