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It is with great pride we announce the collaboration with Current Corp for the introduction of our latest #searchlight technology onto their platforms.

More and more PTZ producers are seeing the benefit of integrating visible light to aid their sensor package’s enhanced performance. Current is a proactive and visionary partner with a high pace and wide network. We are happy to see this collaboration take form and can’t wait to disclose the first revised units from the renowned 3000 and 4000 series.

The collaboration was revealed this week during Nor-Shipping where Wiseled and Current exhibit together 4th-7th April - meaning we welcome your visit to booth B03-14.

PRESS RELEASE by Current Corp;

CURRENT is proud to announce its new series of searchlight infused EOIR camera systems further expanding the spectrum of sensors available in CURRENT series for surveillance and intelligence 24/7. The visible searchlight, with adjustable beam, is mounted in the gyrostabilized dome together with a HD Day / Low light camera and an infrared imager, in either Mid Wave or Long Wave, in the best commercially available IR resolution. The InfraRed and Day camera provide passive awareness, the illuminator provides active reinforcement of the operation. The new CURRENT configuration is being launched at the occasion of Nor‐Shipping 2022.

By adding a new capability to its product range, CURRENT remains true to their pursuit within the Science of Seeing. With focusable, dimmable, long range illumination, CURRENT new series eliminates the need for a separate, dedicated searchlight on board. With a 7 million candela output and 1‐15° FOV, this searchlight, will assist the InfraRed and Day camera with a focusable visible beam going from near (flood) to far (spot), offering a range of 2.5 NM. It’s new laser‐based technology assures best‐in‐class lifetime up to 10 x that of Xenon based searchlights. The Searchlight is proven technology from CURRENT’s partner Wiseled in Denmark.

The Searchlight is bore sighted to the IR camera and supports operations for tracking of threats & obstacles, as well as SAR operations, docking and navigation at night in unchartered water, for informed navigation night and day. Addition of this light infused series allows CURRENT to create a new benchmark in the marine industry.

ABOUT CURRENT SCIENTIFIC CORPORATION Current Scientific Corporation is the Canadian manufacturer of the CURRENT electro‐optical & infrared camera gyrostabilized systems designed for marine and land applications. Worldwide, CURRENT series are in operation on paramilitary vessels, coast guard, USV, SAR, offshore specialty ships such as ice class multipurpose vessels, seismic research and scientific exploration, superyachts and High‐Speed Ferries as well as in land defense project For more information, please contact:

Current Scientific Corporation +1 604 461 5555

ABOUT WISELED Wiseled is an innovative and established player delivering high‐performance illuminators suitable for any mission ‐ whether on land, at sea, on mobile or on static platforms. Since the founding of Wiseled in 2003, the company has evolved into an internationally recognized provider of LED and laser illuminators. We have achieved it by means of continuous research and development, engineering and manufacturing excellence, as well as a steadily growing range of products for the military, maritime and security markets.

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