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Lars joins our team!

We welcome our new specialist advisor (and sailor) - Lars Stenfeldt Hansen to the team!

Lars will lead as specialist advisor of Internationals Business Relations and will add value to our international business strategy and future product developments.

Lars has many years of experience ranging from start-ups to larger corporations such as Modern Times Group MTG AB, Kinnevik AB etc. Lars is also an experienced entrepreneur and is the founder of Zhelt human defense and has been the CEO of two IPO´s Aktietorget Sweden (2015) and First North (2007).

What are the highlights of your career so far?

- To work with the most talented people transforming brilliant ideas to products and introduce them on global markets.

What makes you excited about working at Wiseled?

- Wiseled is a new company transforming LED products solutions to professional products with a high global sales potential.

What do you do when you have a day off?

- Have fun, playing chess or competitive sailing. I am actually proud to say I won the Swedish sailing championship 2020 in a

Dragon sailboat in Marstrand.

Wiseled – Innovation Through Collaboration

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