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Lars is our new Electronic Engineer!

Lars Jensen is not only our new guy within electronic engineering for our high tech military searchlights, he is also a drummer and percussionists. Let´s find out more about Lars;

What is your job at Wiseled? - I’m the new electronic engineer and my tasks involves development of custom PCBs and hardware used in our products such that they are in compliance with MIL-SPEC standards.

What makes you excited about working at Wiseled? - It´s a small company which gives me a great opportunity to have a direct creative input on our products. What have you done prior this? - I have been taking my master’s degree in robotics and automation at DTU - Technical University of Denmark, where I have competed in the Robocup competition and ended up in 2nd place.

What do you do when you have a day off? - I like to play games and drums, so when I have time I compete in the DAO’s danish championship for brass bands as a percussionist. Besides this I like to go hiking for a hole day and enjoy the Danish nature.

That is cool! What drummer is your favourite? - I don´t have an absolute favourite drummer but I really like Steve Gadd for his amazing drum solos!

Welcome, Lars and Rock on!

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