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Great things are happening at Wiseled!

We are proud to announce that Wiseled is transforming. We have during the last 6 months restructured our team and business focus.

In short terms; - New business focus
 - The production of dive torches has been canceled and focus is put towards the market of Law Enforcement & Armed Forces.
 - New leadership and CEO - New brand and profile - New version of the Xtruder Searchlight

After many years av successful business in the market of both dive torches, handheld flashlights and dedicated Defense/LEAF – products (Law, enforcement and armed Forces), the interest and demand for our professional product series, the Xtruder, have increased drastically. In order to meet the increasing requirements and projects, we have made the decision to redirect resources and focus towards our Xtruder-series.

Our team has been reinforced with multiple ongoing recruitments during 2019. The former company administration has been replaced and a major investment in R&D and market penetration has been settled. We welcome our new CEO, Daniel Kjær, together with our new team, prepared for reaching new levels and goals together.

We would like to thank all the amazing customers, distributors and partners who have supported our tactical and dive flashlights product series since 2004. You have all contributed to the foundation of this company. With that being said, it is time to say goodbye to the dive industry. We decided to cancel the production of dive torches in the beginning of 2019. We hereby recommend you to contact one of the many professional companies manufacturing dive torches today. Our support department will of course continue to support our current customers and products.

The Xtruder-platform is in full production for several project deliveries, and we are proud to inform that our production department has brought home the production to Denmark and Europe.

Our production facility in Gilleleje, 1 hour north of Copenhagen (DK), is fully occupied producing the digital LED searchlights/illuminators with multispectral light output developed for our Defense/LEAF-clients. Are you interested in our product platform? Do not hesitate and feel free to contact us for further information.

In order to symbolize our new focus and upcoming journey we have launched a new logotype as part of our rebranding/transformation process. The symbolism of the logo is based on the spectacular owl. The owl is an icon for wisdom and its impressive capability of operating at night and in poor light conditions. In fact, the owl is a nocturnal animal, mostly active in darkness - just like our Wiseled product portfolio.

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