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201 pirate attacks...

Yet another very interesting profile made a visit to us at Wiseled in Gilleleje. Jens Mandøe has one of the most solid resumes in Denmark when it comes to special forces, security planning and live operations. His background is from the Special Operations Force of the Danish Defence, Jægerkorpset, followed by for an example maritime protection, protecting merchant ships from hostile pirates in the Indian Ocean, Gulf of Aden and The Red Sea.

Did you know that in 2018, there were 201 pirate attacks world wide? The good news is that it has more than halved since 2009, thanks to guys like Jens..

We hade a long talk about the possibilities for White and Infrared searchlights in operations like these; ”I see many potential application areas for the Xtruder and I think the demand for Non-Lethal weapons is increasing dramatically, not at least within the area of preventing attacks against commercial/merchant ships” - Jens Mandøe

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