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Xtruder Series - Military illuminators

Multispectral, digital LED illuminator is available in various configurations. This includes visible, infrared, or a combination of visible and IR light. It is perfect for heavy and remote weapon stations, tanks etc. Please choose the product below for further information.

Xtruder OWL

Long range dual output; visible LED and Infrared. 

Xtruder OWL.00_00_05_15.Still0012.jpg
Xtruder RAVEN 3 Military illuminators In

Xtruder RAVEN

Infrared driving- and flood light for multiple platforms
within the Military and Maritime segments

High performance illuminators

Wiseled product portfolio meets the highest requirements and standards for the military, maritime and security markets.  

For military land operations, Wiseled specializes in illuminators for military vehicles from heavy tanks to unmanned vehicles, and light infantry vehicles. Wiseled searchlights and infrared illuminators ensure that military land operations can be performed effectively under all light and weather conditions. For vehicle-mounted forces, that means being able to detect, observe and identify with absolute certainty. 

Xtruder Serie - features

digital illuminators white.png
modular white.png
single output white.png
instant visible infrared white.png
minimal lifetime maintenance white.png
strobe and pulse function white.png
lightweight white.png
Fully digital illuminator
Modular & upgradable
Dual, integrated output
Instant Infrared, including NIR or SWIR
Minimal lifetime maintenance
Strobe and pulse functions
Low weight, low power and
consumption & thermal signatur


Wiseled specializes in combining LED and laser technologies, to deliver illuminators that meet and often exceed customer expectations. We innovate and further develop our products to meet the changing market requirements and the highest industry standards. With in-house production, prototype manufacturing and testing capability, we can ensure an agile development process and ability to deliver custom solutions. 
Visible LED
Wiseled offers a range of searchlights that deliver long range light in the visible spectrum with a low thermal signature and output modes, including strobe, increase/decrease and on/off. 
Wiseled offers illuminators for night vision and degraded visual environment mitigation, including IR searchlights, RWS lights and vehicle lights. These products are designed for integration with military imaging systems and EO/IR sensor modules.
Wiseled offers Short Wave Infrared illuminators, which are ideal for light-starved applications that can be used for object identification, surveillance and more. Wiseled SWIR LED illuminators are designed for integration with military imaging systems and EO/IR sensor modules. 
The Wiseled portfolio consists of advanced white, IR and green dazzler laser solutions for a wide variety of wavelengths and applications, including eye safe laser technology.  

Special development projects

Operating in a fast-changing environment, it is our aim to adapt to new market requirements and standards. We therefore take an agile approach to development projects.  Our clients are at the core of our daily operations. We listen and collaborate to be ahead of the market, offering custom designed solutions that successfully fulfill our clients’ needs and requirements.   
Contact us today in order to discuss this further.
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