The Xtruder S NIR is our dual output searchlight with both white LED and IR illuminator combined.   The Xtruder is configured with 6 high intensity diodes and a center mounted infrared diod. The Xtruder produces an eye-blinding 5200 lumen, beyond 1.250.000 lux and provides an efficient range of over 2.2 kilometer / 1.6 miles.
The Xtruder S NIR is the optimal solution for crew served weapon platforms.  Get access to both long range visible light and infrared (850nm or optional 940nm output) with the flick of a switch - No more fragile and hot IR-filters.
Standard colors
  • The ultimate crew served weapons light 

  • Switch between white and IR-light

  • 5200 lumen, white illumination

  • 100% digital white LED searchlight

  • Solid state LED light engine 

  • NSN 6230-22-633-2130


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NO more fragile and hot IR-filters. 

Switch between visible and infrared with a flick of the switch.
1 x 850nm infrared emitter (optional 940nm) 


Specification and functions

The Xtruder LED searchlight is optimized and built for marine, airborne and ground applications. With its compact size, low weight and low power consumption LED Xtruder platform makes a perfect alternative for 3rd party integration.  


As a crew served weapon light, the Xtruder has no moving parts and can withstand continues shock vibrations beyond any other similar product on the market. There is no filament to break, no ballast element that needs to build up current to power a fragile Xenon bulb. Xtruder is nothing but an instant strike of bright white light when the situation demands it.  

Digital LED Search Light

The Xtruder is a fully digital controlled LED Searchlight compliant with a number of well known communication protocols. This opens up for fast and problem-free integration and external remote control with access to all functions.  

A digital control interface provides endless possibilities: 
  • Adjustable disorienting strobe frequency
  • Output can be adjusted from 1-100%
  • The light can emit pre-programmed morse code
  • Feedback / heartbeat functionality
  • ON/OFF visible vs. infrared light 

Support of technical standards:​
  • RS422
  • RS485

Light Source
  • 6 x LED cluster
  • 1 x 850nm infrared emiter ( optional 940nm)
  • 5200 lumen
  • 0,25 LUX  @ 2195 meter 
  • 1,21 LUX  @ 1000 meter 
  • Beam divergence of 3.6 degrees

MILSTD compliance
  • MILSTD 810G /H
  • MILSTD 1275D
  • MILSTD 461F
  • Input range: (DC) 12-32V

  • Connector: 38999 , Shellsize 11, 7 pin

​Mounting options
The Xtruder searchlight has a versatile and simple attachment interface, and utilize an optional NAR/picatinny interface for rapid deployment on rail-systems without the use of tools within minutes.  

  • Weight: 1958 grams

  • Length: 162mm 

  • Width: 150mm

Range: 2 200 m / 1,6 miles

The Xtruder is the ultimate crew served weapon light. The Xtruder LED platform and the range of accessories adapt the light to everything from medium to heavy weapon platforms. The unique construction and dual output of infrared and visible light give the operator the best capacities and wide range of advantages compared to existing CSWL systems available. 

Functions and control

With the easy-to-use but high tech digital remote control the operator is able to activate one of the following functions;
  • Strobe
  • Increase or decrease light power (4 levels)
  • On / Off
  • InfraRed-mode (Strobe and fixed) 
There are also possibilities for customizing and adjusting the functions. 

Application areas

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