Searchlights for

Border Control

The use of searchlights for Border Control

Identification and safety

The industry of border control is expanding year after year due to the increasing disturbance in many areas around the world. The amounts of illegal border crossings solely along the US/Mexican-border reached +560 000 in 2016.
Tools and equipment is important for the brave border control staff in order to identify and track people along the border. An approaching person or vehicle could easily create dangerous situations when the object is not detected in time. 
A border control searchlight is the optimal illumination tool for these situations.
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Non lethal weapon

and warning system

A digital searchlight with an intense strobe mode with a frequency varying from 8-12Hz is an efficient warning system against approaching unknown objects. A Border Control searchlight together with other non lethal weapons, for instance LRAD, makes the perfect equipment for this sort of tasks. 

Border Control infrared
illuminator / IR searchlight

When operating at nighttime and there is a need of scouting the instant infrared-mode is there for you as an assisting tool to your monitoring systems.  Our IR-searchlights consist of either 1 or 7 Infrared diods, the Xtruder S-Nir searchlight is an obvious choice for observing objects at a far distance with the discrete infrared light system. We are proud of to be able to provide you with a powerful beam of a 7 diod infrared searchlight.  Choose between either 850nm or 940nm diods. 
With just a flick of a switch you can turn your white illumination Xtruder (Xtruder with 1+6 diods) into a Infrared-version without installing any external filters.
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Choose suitable model for your Border Control business



6500 lumen high intensitiy visible light for general searchlight applications 

6500  lumen
Visible light
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5500 lumen high intensity visible light combined with 850nm or 940nm infrared - illuminator 

5500 lumen
Visible light
Yes, 850nm

Example application areas for a LED Border Control searchlight... 

Border Control Vehicles

Install the Xtruder onto patrolling vehicles. The voltage input range varies from 12-32V, enabling the Border Control lighting system to become a bit more mobile.

Border Control Towers

With at range of over 2000 meters, the searchlight is perfect for border control towers.

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