Searchlights for Military Land operations

Application Area - Military Land operations

For military land operations, Wiseled specializes in searchlights and weapon lights for military vehicles from heavy tanks to unmanned vehicles, and light infantry vehicles.
Wiseled searchlights and infrared illuminators ensure that military land operations can be performed effectively during nighttime. Xtruder searchlights are resistant to shock and vibration, function reliably, and are rugged to work in the harshest battlefield environments.
In eventful and dramatic combat situations a robust searchlight with an instant and powerful beam is crucial. Wiseled Xtruder searchlight can create immediate situational awareness by illuminating an area effectively and assisting soldiers in nighttime operations.
Wiseled product portfolio consist of LED technology with white light searchlights and infrared illuminators for night vision. Choose your desired solution below;

Multiple functionalities in one unit

Xtruder OWL is not only a searchlight emitting white and infrared light. The searchlight also offers an intense strobe mode with a frequency varying from 8-12Hz. This makes an efficient warning system against approaching unknown objects, vehicles and soldiers. especially together with other non lethal weapons, for instance a loudspeaker system in order to minimize the risk of unnecessary combat and make clear to the enemy your message and that they are identified. 
Strobe infrared and white searchlight 2.
White searchlight
0,25 LUX @ 2310 meter
Detect objects up to 2300 meters 
Warning/Disorienting strobe
7-15 mhz
Signalling / Disorienting
Infrared searchlight
3W 850nm (optional 940nm)
250m+  reach

LED - output

With regards to output, the Xtruder is the only LED searchlight capable of collimating the emitted light in a narrow beam more powerful than any existing product and technology on the market today.
With a visible reach of up to approximately 2.2 km (1,4 miles), Xtruder increase situational awareness and improve night vision capabilities to detect, identify and track targets.
With Wiseled´s digital LED-technology there is no ballast element that needs to build up current to power a fragile Xenon bulb, Wiseled searchlights strike instantly with blinding white light. 100% instant and powerful output within nanoseconds, every time.


Xtruder searchlights meet or exceed all European and US military and industrial specifications for durability. Wiseled searchlights are designed specifically for military use and therefore meet or exceed all European and US military and industrial specifications and standards.

Modular and upgradable

Xtruder platform provides extended life cycle management for the searchlights. A white light can be upgraded with a newer and brighter light engine when technology is available, including infrared and out-of-band NIR/ SWIR Technology.

Light and low Power consumption

Wiseled offers lightweight searchlights, allowing for enhanced mobility and versatility of the product. The exceptional and robust technology makes Wiseled products a preferable choice for military vehicles. The searchlights offer low power consumption and low thermal signature. LED technology also prevents overheating even on a high-power continuous burn.
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