Searchlights for Maritime

The use of a searchlight for vessels, shipping, coast guards etc.

Identification and safety

When operating out on the stormy oceans at night, a searchlight is the optimal safety tool in order to identify objects at long distances. In the event of unidentified objects approaching from a far distance a searchlight with a direct powerful beam is crucial. With Wiseled´s digital LED-technology there is no need to wait for a lamp to warm up and reach high enough temperature in order to perform at its best. 
With a visible reach of up to approximately 2.2 km, the Wiseled Xtruder can help you and your crew light objects well in advance. For instance; approaching pilot-boats, harbors, buoys etc. 
In case of the terrifying event of man over board, the Xtruder searchlight is also the perfect tool to locate and keep your eyes on the man in need.   

Non lethal weapon

and warning system

Our oceans are not always as calm and friendly as we might hope for. Pirate attacks are increasing and spreading over wider areas year to year. A LED searchlight with an intense strobe mode with a frequency varying from 8-12Hz is an efficient and warning system against violent pirates approaching in speed boats. 

Marine infrared
illuminator / searchlight

With one of our searchlights, consisting of either 1 or 7 Infrared diods, the Xtruder searchlight is great at illuminating objects at a far distance with the discrete infrared light system. The powerful beam of a 7 diod infrared searchlight is impressive and suitable for ships and vessels in harsh environments or where . Choose between either 850nm or 940nm diods. 

Choose suitable model


6500 lumen high intensitiy visible light for general searchlight applications 

6500  lumen
Visible light


5500 lumen high intensity visible light combined with 850nm or 940nm infrared - illuminator 

5500 lumen
Visible light
Yes, 850nm
RIB boats
Coast guard
Pilot boats

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