Do you have any special requirements and in need of a unique design and funcionality?  

About us

Wiseled is a small innovative tech company one hour north of Copenhagen.  Our core focus is to increase the world´s situational awareness by providing the brightest and most adaptable searchlight platform available. In addition to manufacturing and designing our Xtruder searchlight platform, we strive to support our partners as best possible by providing versatile and rugged searchlights for all applications.
Wiseled research & development division can provide advisory services within various supported by our manufacturing department with 10 years experience doing OEM services for our professional partners.

Our story

Wiseled has provided LED Technology to professional customers since 2003 - from  submersible flashlights /divelights all the way to world leading long range searchlights and weaponlights deployed by governments all over the world. 
Wiseled works hard to ensure our position as the chosen partner for LED - and laser illumination solutions for Defense and professional customers 
Our Xtruder platform covers a wide range of applications, and is designed for the toughest requirements available. For more information about the product platform, do not hesitate to contact us.