Custom engineering and development projects

At Wiseled, we firmly believe that a solution to a complex need lies in diversity and innovation.


The theatre today calls for illuminators with multi-added capabilities and not least a perfect match with camera and sensor packages whether for reconnaissance, surveillance, supporting a weapon station or serving as a simple searchlight across segments and various platforms. We therefore take pride in providing flexible and customized solutions.


Why custom engineer? 

Many years of experience and working with light provides us with a unique platform to build various light solutions in a modular brick-to-brick concept. Our team is used to working closely with customer requirements - even though the requirements are unclear and sometimes not existing,  we see it as an important part of the process of adding value and to advice our customers about the world of light and eventually guide to propose the right solution.


Often the process is less complex and only the right bricks need to be put together for a feasible and optimum solution. Our ability for rapid prototyping, test and evaluation makes the process timely short. Costly only a small portion of what you would expect for similar development projects.








Customized/adapted illuminator solutions 

Not two camera-/sensor systems are the same and will often require unique illuminator solutions for optimum use in a diversified environment.

​Evident requirements for SWAP (size, weight, power consumption).

The requirements for housings to fit limitations in space availability on customer platform.

It is a low-cost investment to optimize the performance of customers´ new/existing sensor package with the right configured illuminator.

Transparent - Xtruder Crow - product pic
We always strive to meet our customers´ needs and to increase the performance of any day- and night optic system providing crisper and clearer observation distances not being limited by weather conditions.

The Process exemplar

Initial evaluation

Together, we make an evaluation of​

the requirements, and a free of charge technical project report.

Planning and budgetting

The next step is to plan the development and production process, as well as create a budget for your tailor-fit product

Development / delivery of prototype

After signing the co-operation contract, the development and production of the prototype will start. 

Serial production

When the customer is satisfied with the prototype, we start planning for series production and delivery of the final product. 


At Wiseled, we work with a plethora of technologies within illumination. In order to find a solution that works best for your needs, we need to look at the full spectrum of our capacities and see how we can combine them to provide a tailor-fit system. Here you can read more about the technologies utilized at Wiseled.

Visible LED

Wiseled offers a range of searchlights that deliver long range light in the visible spectrum with a low thermal signature and output modes, including strobe, increase/decrease and on/off. 
infrared - vlcsnap-2019-10-23-11h00m33s9


Wiseled offers illuminators for night vision and degraded visual environment mitigation, including IR searchlights, RWS lights and vehicle lights. These products are designed for integration with military imaging systems and EO/IR sensor modules.  


Wiseled offers Short Wave Infrared illuminators, which are ideal for light-starved applications that can be used for object identification, surveillance and more. Wiseled SWIR LED illuminators are designed for integration with military imaging systems and EO/IR sensor modules. 
Skärmavbild 2020-11-23 kl. 23.55.32.png


The Wiseled portfolio consists of advanced white, IR and green dazzler laser solutions for a wide variety of wavelengths and applications, including eye safe laser technology.   

Reference projects

In order to get a better overview of what Wiseled has been producing and developing, here are some examples from previous years.

Reference: Flight lights

Wiseled got the task of developing and producing signaling flight lights for the Norwegian aero system.​
Flight light - Development project.jpg

Reference: Forensic

For 7 years, Wiseled was the developer and OEM producer for one of the world´s largest distributor of forensic lights. 

Wiseled as a partner

Our core values are continuous innovation, agility and collaboration. As a small business, we have the capability to move fast within our portfolio of proven technical solutions.  We use the skillset of our engineers to fit hardware and software for your custom engineering needs. 
Collaboration with our clients is the backbone of our daily operations and we take pride in our in-house facilities, covering all aspects under one roof.  This includes in-house development, design, hardware production and software development.